Resonare Inter Solaris / Rock 01


Object / Resonare de Inter Solaris
firing by concentrated solar radiation into the rock / 150 × 150 mm

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Hornina 01 / Resonare de Inter Solaris

Year of origin: 2019
Technique: firing with concentrated sunlight into the rock
Dimensions: 150 × 150 mm

A series of solar burn-out into rocks through a kinetic sculpture Inter SolarisIn the past, the sculpture has traveled to various locations and remelted rocks using the sun's rays. Inter Solaris aimed to record the moment that was inscribed into the rock through its remelting. In addition to the medium, the rock also served as evidence of the event's location. The main artifact, which was originally a rock remelted by the sun's rays, is a series of drawings created through the robotic arm's action. This processual reproduction of rocks suggests their further progressive analysis and thus creates a relic of past actions of the Inter Solaris.

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 7 cm