Audire Fluctus

mbpfw 2019 / OD Kotva / Prague / Czech Republic

multilevel design, metallized fabric

Audire Fluctus examines the interacting levels of human technology and the environment. This concept is embodied in the form of clothing. It allows its wearer to undergo technological media and thus look at them from a different position. This technological immunity is represented here thanks to the top layer of this multi-level design. It is made of metallized fabric. Thanks to this material, the garment is able to significantly reduce the electromagnetic radiation that comes or goes from the wearer. Thanks to this shielding, Audire Fluctus becomes what an invisible mantle for technology. At the level of Audire Fluctus, the concept focuses on advanced technologies that use electricity for their operation. However, electromagnetic radiation is also a part of the spectrum that we also use for data transmission, telephone calls or radio communication. Therefore, even this data flow floating through space is a medium for Audire Fluctus. This also corresponds to its name, because Audire Fluctus means listening to the waves. 

And it is precisely this electromagnetic wave from which the wearer can hide that he can also listen. The middle layer can detect and then use sound to represent the wave to the wearer. This detection capability thus allows the wearer to look into the previously hidden world of electromagnetic waves and become his observer. Because electromagnetic waves in the Audire Fluctus plane are a significant feature of technology such as execution. Its carrier becomes an explorer who is allowed to look beyond the imaginary boundaries of how we normally look at technology. The pilgrim Audire Fluctus, wrapped in a golden cloak, can thus travel outside the spectrum of technological perception.


The centerpiece of the installation is the Sonus Lumine sekundus projection device. This apparatus responds to EL. stimuli and waves of the installation, which converts into visual structures in the circular center of the installation space. The installation itself is accompanied by several secondary platforms that generate or also interact with EL. ripples. The viewer can thus enter a dynamic environment and influence the reality around him with his presence. 

S.L.S. actively responds to the movements of performers, which will reflect the sensed waves. This visual representation of technological principles will show the functional elements of suits by direct application. Thanks to this, the viewer will directly see how these suits work. The intentional combination of visual and invisible principle thus makes the whole concept graspable for the viewer.

The Audire Fluctus project was created in collaboration with fashion designers Ivou BurkertovouŽil Vostalovou
Furthermore, the project could not have been created without the great support of Vodafone Czech Republic within the call